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Dear Friend...

You're wrong. Dead wrong...

If you want to get started FAST making REAL MONEY ONLINE in record time... then this exciting message should be the very next thing you read.

Here's why --

You're about to discover exactly how to pull in pure cash profits quickly... easily... and consistently. Because making things happen FAST is the #1 secret to success on the Internet.

See... if you don't see quick results... it's easy to quit.

If you don't experience real cash flowing in, you start to question online marketing as a viable “opportunity”. You start believing all those who dipped their toes in the water – only to give up in frustration. Then you start to question yourself. And self-doubt is a dream-killer if there ever was one.

Truth is... there's a lot of crap out there. And it's easy to become confused... overwhelmed... and paralyzed by it all.

If An EX-Shelf Stacker Can Earn Six Figures Online
How Much Are You Capable Of Earning?

I know this to be true because 19 months ago, I was exactly where you are now.

I'd heard about others earning great money online. So I set out in search of my own success. But I had no experience... no special skills... and no inheritance to invest. And everything I had already tried hadn't worked out too well.

In fact, I was stacking shelves at my local supermarket. Not exactly a dream job by anyone's standards. But like you, I had bills to pay. There I was, stuck in a job I hated, earning a pittance.

Have you ever been there... slaving away at a job you didn't like, working for 'the man' (and a miserable one at that) and hating every second of it?

But I was bound and determined to find a better way. And lady luck was on my side because within 48 hours, I had made my first sale. And things really took off from there. Now I'm happily self-employed... and earning 5 times as much as I did before.

But my greatest revelation was this: making money online is something anyone could do from home. All it takes is the desire to be free of a J-O-B... and to experience a better lifestyle.

After putting these exact ideas into action myself... and making good money quickly and easily – month after month – I just knew someone like you would want to know about it too.

That's why I created a brand new web site called -- “Simple Start Videos”. It covers everything you need to know about starting today (from wherever you are in your online experience) -- and generating legitimate income QUICKLY and CONSISTENTLY. 

It's not about randomly generating a few dollars here and there. Anyone can do that.

Instead... you'll be building a real INCOME and BUSINESS on a solid foundation -- based on proven marketing techniques. You'll have a step-by-step plan and rock-solid methods that actually work, putting you on the certain path to online profits.

Whatever may have held you back before... is now history. Nothing can get in your way when you follow this simple plan.

You'll be able to resolve any technical glitches quickly and easily. You'll spend far less time learning -- and more time earning (even on autopilot).  And ultimately, you'll generate more money month after month... year after year... so you can enjoy true financial and time freedom.

Imagine being able to easily figure out the puzzle that stops so many. Imagine finally “cracking the code” to the online income vault -- without wasting your time and hard-earned money on useless “techniques” that simply don't work for “the little guy”.

Everything You Need To Know...
To Start Making Money FAST

You're about to shorten the learning curve like never before... and even master the basics of “internet marketing”. Just watch over my shoulder in real time – and  you'll see EXACTLY how it's done, one step at a time.

Complete one step, then move onto the next. Put a bunch of these highly-effective steps together and you increase the flow of cash coming in. Stick with it and you can create the life of your dreams for you and your family. And... you can do it by working far fewer hours than you do now.

It's true! You could earn enough money working the “plan” just a few hours a week... so you can confidently and decisively say goodbye to your job... your boss... and all the prison-like rules and spirit-crushing limitations of regular employment.

How would it feel if you could actually do this?

Imagine being able to start from DAY ONE and build your web site and business from a firm marketing base -- just like the big money-earners do. It truly is possible. All you need to know is “how”.

That's what this brand new resource is designed to help you accomplish.

Discover The Inside Secrets
From Those Who've Already Figured It Out

“Simple Start Videos” is like nothing else you've ever seen about making money online.


Well... it's built from experience. Every single lesson cuts through the clutter... the confusion... and the conflict. So you get nothing but the best, most direct methods that have PROVEN themselves -- time and time again.

There's no fluff and no filler. Just the real, practical answers... solid solutions... and marketing methods that work well – without exception. It's all the nitty-gritty, pure-profit stuff you need to know to jumpstart your online business and get the cash flowing – STARTING TODAY.

You'll find all types of inside secrets, shortcuts, and practical, time-saving tips. Here's a sneek peak inside the “Simple Start Videos” site where you'll discover:

No-Brainer, Step-By-Step, Article Marketing Tactics You Can Use To Drive More Traffic... Get More Clicks... and Generate More Sales and Commissions -- 24/7! (How to take a single article and mold it into 100 (or more) individual traffic sources -- the easy way!)

WOW! Here's How To Set Up Your Own Professionally-Designed Web Site In As Little As 5 Minutes! (You'll learn how to upload beautiful, FREE images... a fabulous FREE blog... and even add FREE content to your site automatically -- without having to write an extra word yourself! PLUS... your site will already be optimized for the search engines - so you could start earning from your very first day in business!)

The Easiest Way EVER To Add The Unequalled Power of Video To Your Site -- Without The Need To Create Your Own Videos! (If you can point, click and drag -- you can use this most popular web format to funnel traffic wherever you want... and cash in LARGE!)

An Amazing, All-Purpose FREE Tool For Locating Hidden, High-Profit Keywords -- The Fast and Easy Way! (What program to use and why... how to find breakthrough keywords that pay... CRITICAL numbers you MUST pay attention to... and more! (Once you “get it” -- you'll have found the fastest and most reliable way to cash in on the Internet!)

The Little-Known Way To Set Yourself Up For Instant, Automatic Commissions of Up To 75% From One Of The Most Established and Successful "Distribution" Sites Online! (What's more... it won't cost you a penny in licensing fees... inventory... sales tools... or anything else! And it's lightning-quick, super easy, and hugely-profitable -- even for newbies!)

REVEALED: Secret Time-Saving Article Research Techniques! (3 really simple, but extremely-effective strategies - PLUS 1 BONUS METHOD - for uncovering “killer ideas” you can turn into cash -- month after month!)

A Free and Easy Way To Make Money Online Without Any Investment At All! (Here's where to snag your exclusive “affiliate code”... and how to add it to your articles easily to guarantee you get paid everytime someone buys from any one of your links!)

Unsolicited Testimonial...

"NOTHING Has Come Close To Being So Complete, Comprehensive, and Easy To Follow."

"Having reviewed multiple marketing products myself, both good and bad. I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to write and tell you what a gift Simple Start Videos is to the Internet Marketing community.

I have reviewed your videos over the course of this past week and  WOW…what a collection. Really Simon…whether someone is just starting out or has been marketing for years, this collection is going to be on everybody’s hard drive soon.

No stone has been left unturned here, in fact every potential problem a marketer could face has been answered. From building a free website…to article marketing, video blogging, and building a list from scratch, everything is covered here in explicit detail.

I've seen video collections before but NOTHING have come close to being so complete, comprehensive, and easy to follow.

Internet Marketing coaches charging $2000+ are gonna' be mad at you because this series is definitely going to take a lot of business away from them.

It’s just simply that good! Way to go!"

Michael O'Reilly

Everything you need to start from scratch with no experience... no special skills... and no money... you'll find right here in “Simple Start Videos”. That's why you should seize the day right now. (In fact, you could be uncovering moneymaking gem after gem – just seconds from now).

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What's a proven resource like this actually worth to you?

Frankly... if you had to make all these discoveries on your own -- it could take you years and thousands of dollars. And trial and error learning isn't much fun.

To have someone else do all this research for you, they'd have to be pretty sharp and savvy marketers themselves. And my low-end estimate is that it could easily  cost you from $2000 to $3000 MINIMUM for the privilege.

5 Powerful, 100%-FREE Press Release Submission Sites You Simply MUST See... And How To Use Each Site The Right Way! (Be sure to submit your release to these 5 – but don't stop there! Here are the exact steps to take to find dozens more just like these – so you can attract even more visitors and grow your profits exponentially!)

An Simple, Step-By-Step Plan To Tap Into The Red-Hot Video Market With Your Own Custom-Made Videos! (Imagine... you can create killer videos on your own computer... using software you already have... and FREE images from this highly-recommended source! It's fun... fast... and just one video can bring thousands of new prospects straight to your site!)

Amazing FREE Software For Resizing... Rearranging... and Refining Your Images -- So They Work Perfectly In All Your Videos! (Who says you need to spend hundreds of dollars on Photoshop(TM)? Not so! You'll be shocked at just how easy, helpful and powerful this FREE program really is!)

How To Record Your Voice Like a Pro... and Add A Simple Audio Track To Any Video With Just A Few Clicks! (WOW! Another powerful and FREE software program to help you get real results online - FAST!)

How To Actually Use The Software You Already Have Installed – Without An Owner's Manual! (Plus... Where to find this software FREE – if it's not already on your computer... and a simple “Drag and Drop” method for easy, instant video creation!)

4 BLOCKBUSTER Video Hosting Sites You Can Use For FREE To Publish Your Videos and Use Them As Magnetic Marketing Tools To Attract More Visitors and More Buyers! ( And... the one time-saving, MEGA SITE you simply must visit to maximize your video marketing with minimum effort and time!)

A Quick, Easy and 100%-FREE Way To Tap Into Another Hot Trend – Blogs – and Effortlessly Attract More Clicks, More Visitors, and More Commissions! (The simple secret is to TARGET your approach... and here's how to do it with pin-point accuracy!)

A Simple Way To Slash The Size Of Your Links... “Mask” Your Marketing Intentions... and Protect Your Commissions All The Way! (If you can follow basic instructions, you can use this secret site to instantly convert long, ugly and exposed links into short, managable links - the kind that get clicked on... the kind that makes you money!)

How To Take What You've Started... and Grow It Into An Empire! (3 additional resources you need to know about to go way beyond the basics to generate explosive, pure-profit results for you!)

Now At last, An Affordable, Proven Method
That Will Work For ANYONE

But you won't have to spend years, or thousands of dollars because the path up the mountain has already been carved. And it's about to be revealed to you.

Yes, I've done all the heavy lifting for you. I've searched, sifted and sorted out the very best from thousands of different ideas, techniques, methods, and systems. I was single-minded in focus... and relentless in my pursuit. And the result is: you get the best “step-by-step plan for beginners” -- without having to figure it out for yourself.

The result is the ultimate collection of high-profit videos of reports for new internet marketers... and for those who've struggled – due to the mass of confusing and often contradictory information out there.

Join me inside “Simple Start Videos” and make the best use you can of the laser-guided, accurate information like... SPECIFICALLY how to start from right where you are and generate legitimate online cash FAST and FREQUENTLY.

With a firmly planted foundation based on proven marketing methods, you'll waste no time getting established with a step-by-step system that actually works.

Unsolicited Video Testimonial...

" You Got Thumbs Up From Me, You Got Thumbs Up From Thousands Of Newbies "


Rick Thomas

Unsolicited Audio Testimonial...

"I Already Know These Techniques Will Work For Me, Because Some Of Them Are Solely Responsible For Building My Six-Figure Business Over The Past 5 Years"


"Hey Simon, I just want to thank you so much for the fantastic coaching content within Simple Start Videos.

I already know these techniques will work for me, because some of them are solely responsible for building my six-figure business from scratch over the past 5 years.

There's so many golden nuggets of information here that I haven't tried yet, but I'll be checking them out soon.

If only I had this kind of resource when I started out marketing.

Thank you again Simon, and keep the awesome content coming."


Alvin Huang

Super-Effective "Bookmarking" Strategies Made Easy! (3 fantastic sites you MUST visit to virtually guarantee your site gets indexed quickly... and how to leverage these popular online destinations to redirect maximum traffic to your site!)

How To “Blog and Ping” Your Way To A Flood Of Traffic! (3 powerful resources and “push-button” methods to maximize your exposure in just seconds -- absolutely FREE!)

4 GUARANTEED Ways To Get More People Reading Your Articles and Visiting Your Web Site! (Tap into these powerful, high-visibility “hubs” and you'll start getting traffic right away!)

The 5-Minute Method For Quickly Creating A Standout “Squidoo” Page That Viewers Love... and How To Use This TOP SITE To Funnel Even More Traffic To You! (It's fun... it's fast... and it's super-easy to add powerful, multimedia elements and create a popular promotional site -- on the fly!)

Another GIANT High-Traffic Site You Can Set Up Fast, One Time Only... and Reap The Rewards Of Hundreds Of New Visitors To Your Site – Every Month For Years! (This one's even easier than Squidoo – and just as profitable for you!)

The Astonishing “Secret Technique”  For Turning A Simple Article Into A Killer Press Release In 5 Easy Steps! (Here's the easiest way EVER to put the power of press releases to work for you – FAST and FREE!)

Follow Along and You'll Be On Your Way
To Online Success

You'll never get stuck again... or be left wondering “what's next?” You'll spend less time learning and more time earning. Stick with it and your profits will grow, month after month... giving you much more freedom... and unlimited income potential.

Everything is clearly explained in plain English. Which means it's really easy to grasp the first time. And the simple step-by-step is laid out in a logical way. So all you have to do is start at step #1 and go from there.

Your complete package includes 26 information-loaded videos. In addition, the top 8 videos have also been transcribed and turned into short reports. So you can read or review these critical actions steps anytime, at your leisure.

There's no pressure at all. You can go back and watch the videos or read the transcripts as often as you need – to get it just right. And that's the key to making it work for you.

Plus... they'll be more helpful, high-quality, profit-producing content added every month. Which is why your trial membership to “Simple Start Videos” is such a bargain at ONLY $4.95 for 7 days, then $47 per month.

It truly is a small fraction of what this information is worth... or what it would cost you to discover “the hard way”.

But If It's THAT Good...
Why Is The Price So Low?

Why so affordable? Two reasons, really:

  • I wanted to make it easy for you to say YES by removing the price barrier... and...
  • My costs to deliver this top quality information are so low.

Since all the content is digital and available to you INSTANTLY on the site – there's nothing to package up and ship out to you. You can access it all in a flash. Which means you could be watching any of the 26 videos and discovering all those amazing insights – in as little as 90 seconds from now.

The way I see it... you get an unlimited pass to a high-profit resource site. And the low price means I'll get more customers. So it's really a win-win.

You can visit anytime and scoop up every golden tip, tactic and technique from this powerful resource center (and if you follow the advice inside, the benefits won't be long in coming). And I'll be able to serve more people and make my investment pay off over time.

But wether I sell 10 memberships or 10,000 – it's a terrific bargain for you.

And yes, I reserve the right to raise the entry price from $4.95 to at least double that very soon. But once you're in – you're in at that price point for as long as you stay. So there's never a better time to get onboard than right NOW!

Realistically, there's only one way the price will go – and that's UP. So you'll have to be quick off the mark if you want to save some money.

And rest assurred, if for any reason you're not absolutely delighted with the quality content at “Simple Start Videos” -- you have my “NO QUIBBLE” guarantee to protect your investment. Plus... with no minimum required... you're never locked in... and there's no penalty to pay should you choose to leave at any time. Your total satisfaction is not just my intention – it's my flat out guarantee!


I VALUE you as a customer and member. So if you're not thrilled with all you discover at  “Simple Start Videos” -- just send me an email and I'll promptly refund your money in full. No Questions. No Quibbles. And no hard feelings either.

So go ahead and soak up every insight, tidbit, trick and twist you can. Then, put them to use. Let these concepts work for you. Since you've got absolutely nothing to lose, why not go for it and grab this opportunity while you can?

If it's not everything I've claimed and more – it won't cost you a penny.

I think you'll agree -- that's about as fair as I can be.

But let me tell you what I'm also going to throw in -- to make this the best “pocket change” investment you'll ever make! It's a full package of FREE BONUS VIDEOS to give you even more tools and methods to making money online.

Simply join me as a member of “Simple Start Videos” right now, and here's some of the high-value BONUS information you'll get as my welcome gift to you...


LIMITED Fast-Action BONUS 10-Module Course
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My goal is simple: give you so much value for such a small investment that it's a no-brainer for you to say yes to my offer.

So in addition to the INCREDIBLE Simple Start Videos coaching content, you’ll also going to get these game-changing bonus videos completely free ($119.00 value!).

There's plenty of fresh, ripe-for-the-picking moneymaking ideas and insights in the FREE BONUS section alone.

Each short bonus video shares “inside information” from experienced marketers. And it's the kind of information that will make you money if you follow these simple steps.

And They're All Yours - FREE!

But I honestly don't know how long I'll keep these bonuses on the site. They're part of the marketing launch I'm doing for “Simple Start Videos”. But you should know that at any time, I could take them down forever. So if you want all the FREE BONUS videos -- you need to get in on it TODAY.

So if you're ready to reduce your learning curve to the minimum... and increase your online income to the max – without wasting precious time – this is for you.

But you don't have to take my word for it on how profitable coaching with “Simple Start Videos” really is. Check out what people just like you saying about it...

YES Simon, Give Me Instant Access To Simple Start Videos!

"I Want To Shortcut My Learning Curve To Jump-Start My Money-Making Online Business Starting From Scratch!"

  • Yes! $4.95 will get me FULL instant trial access to The INCREDIBLE Simple Start Videos Training Modules for 7 days.

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  • Additionally, I also understand that my small investment is totally protected by your 100% 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Add To Cart

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(It doesn't matter if it's 3 A.M. - You'll get instant access
to the entire Simple Start Coaching Club.)

Unsolicited Video Testimonial...

"This Is Going To Benefit Newbies,
AND Coaches alike!"

Blake Barrett - AKA BB Profitz

Unsolicited Testimonial...

" I Wish Simple Start Videos Was Born When
I First Started My Online Journey . . . "

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the huge collection of cutting-edge videos you have here. I Wish This Simple Start Videos Was Born When I First Started my online journey.

Now I don't need to go through the frustration of not knowing what to do and how to do it.

Awesome! Keep up the good work,

Ken Sar


Ken Sar

Unsolicited Video Testimonial...

"Simon's Done Another Great Job Putting
All The Pieces Together . . . "


Rick Faulise

For a mere $4.95 you're getting the answers you need today... plus more. LOTS MORE. And you should know -- you won't find this exclusive package of hand-picked, “zero to full-time income online” resources anywhere else – online or offline.

Just imagine how fast things can happen for you -- with the right information. 

Don't wast another second. Get access to all the answers and action steps you need NOW.

Wishing you a fresh new start -- and all the success you deserve.

To Your Success!

Simon Cad

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting $119 worth of FREE bonuses... PLUS a step-by-step plan to get started making money online – even if you haven't made a penny so far. You get everything including – How to start from right where you are (wherever that may be) and generate legitimate income QUICKLY from a solid foundation and proven marketing techniques... How to get established with a step-by-step system that actually works - so you'll be on a GUARANTEED path to online profits... How to fix any technical problems quickly and easily... How to spend less time learning and more time earning on autopilot... AND How to generate steady (and growing) profits to ultimately give you true financial and time freedom!

So... if that's what you want – you know what to do. “Simple Start Videos” is the opportunity you've been waiting for. Don't put it off another second because... you deserve the best life has to offer!